The Dot Proof proofing solution.

Following the introduction of the new Epson Styus® Pro WT7900 device at Label Expo in Brussels, Artworkers, Brand owners, Designers and Reprographic departments will soon have the faciity to produce a cost effective proof of the final printed article, on film, paper or metallic substrates.

The Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900 is an affordable, low maintenance proofer that produces high quality, colour accurate package proofs on both clear and opaque substrates. When paired with Star Proof, The Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900 offers a true dot proofing solution for the Flexo, Gravure, Letterpress and Offset sectors, with features and controls unavailable in other inkjet proofing solutions. Unique to Star Proof is it’s ability to drive the Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900 whilst showing Dot Lost, Extreme Dot Gain and providing opacity controls for Process and Spot colours to simulate ink sequence on the press. Star Proof also takes advantage of the wide colour gamut afforded by the Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900 via a Multi Colour Shade system which automates Spot colour calibration, allowing hard, sharp dot proofs to be produced which accurately simulate press conditions.