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Max step

With Max Step, users have the ability to interactively create bespoke step and repeat layouts, or use pre-defined die cut guides to automatically generate layouts according to the requirements of the printer or converter.

Fill Sheet Option

MaxStep gives operators a range of choices for the generation of final layout files.

The Repeat Within Sheet function allows the user to define the target file, plate and paper size.

Fit styles, rotation, order and bleed can all be adjusted to create the final output file, quickly and efficiently.

Graphic Republik - MaxStep - Fill Sheet Option

Auto Match Die

Graphic Republik - MaxStep - Auto Match Die

The Auto-match die facility within MaxStep allows users to import CAD generated Die cut guides which define the placement and amount of items to appear on the layout.

MaxStep then scans the guide and automatically matches the 1 up original to produce a final layout as defined by the master Die cut guide.

This unique tool presents operators with a fast, accurate match between the 1 up original and the CAD file without the need for repetitive placement or measuring. Final layout files can also be saved as templates for future use and items within a layout can be replaced either globally or individually via a “links” feature.

Graphic Republik - MaxStep - Auto Match Die Screenshots

Interactive Step and Repeat

An interactive Step-and-Repeat option allows users to choose a layout and plate size, define the step gap, number of repeats, order, border and any stagger as required. Files are then stepped and repeated on the sheet, with the completed file ready for exporting to a number of popular output file formats.

Graphic Republik - MaxStep - step and repeat

MaxStep also enables layouts to be made for Photopolymer sleeves or Gravure cylinders. Seamless designs or staggered repeats are catered for with operators defining the layout size, offset amount and the number of repeats. MaxStep then automatically calculates the best fit to the layout.

Graphic Republik - MaxStep - step and repeat screenshots

Plate furniture

MaxStep offers a wide range of registration, trim and color mark options with color control bars for process and spot colors applied dependent on the requirement on press. Aside from the standard library of barrel, pressure, trim and register marks, users have the facility to import custom furniture created in popuar design packages.

Additional features such as those necessary for quality control include a numbering system which allows codes to be dynamically placed on the layout sheet. The numbers position and orientation can be enlarged for preview before being saved on the final layout.

Graphic Republik - MaxStep - plate furniture