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Star Plate – HD Films

Star Plate is a digital imaging solution designed for direct inkjet imaging to film with the ability to produce high quality screening. Star Plate uses the actual dots of the original RIPped 1-bit data, preserving dot patterns, screening and dot gain calibration.

Star Plate

Smart Screen – Flexo Screening

High Quality Flexo Screening. Smart Screen is a Flexo screening technology that has been developed to: Produce visually superior highlight and shadow tones, Require minimal changes in Prepress or Print room, Make jobs simpler to prepare in Prepress, Make jobs simpler to print in the Press room.

Smart Screen

Star Proof – Dot proofing

Existing proofing solutions are either expensive, complicated to use, produce unrealistic proofs or a combination of the above. One bright alternative is Star Proof, an innovative dot proofing solution which has the ability to produce between 20-200 lpi screen proofs.

Star Proof

MaxColor – Colour Conversion

MaxColor, one of the latest features within the MaxPro suite has been developed to reduce separations and/or convert CMYK Separations to spot colours.

Max Color

MaxPro – PrePress Solutions

MaxPro gives users the ability to easily edit files, apply individual zonal traps to both Continuous Tone (CT) and Linework (LW) elements, apply special effects to process and spot colors and create bespoke separations.


MaxStep – Plate Layout

With MaxStep, users have the ability to interactively create bespoke step and repeat layouts, or use pre-defined die cut guides to automatically generate layouts according to the requirements of the printer or converter.