Founded in 1997 by Kostas Adam, the Adam Group has grown into a multi-million Euro business, with over 120 staff and producing packaged goods for clients in over 25 countries, from Russia to Ireland, the Middle East to South Africa. The main production facility located in Lavrio, 40km from the capital prints and converts a wide range of packaged goods using Web, Offset, Rotogravure and Flexo processes.

But it was the Athens based Prepress division who in 2008, were searching for a solution which would allow them to work in a less complex manner when preparing press ready files prior to platemaking.

Replacing legacy systems
Production Manager, Stratos Veropoulos explains the dilemma: “As with most Packaging specialists, we had historically invested in specialist software to handle file preparation. We were using Artpro from Artwork Systems, but the problem we had is that as time went on, the whole process became more complex and time consuming. That together with the fact that we were often working with multi layered vector files meant that file preparation was becoming a bottleneck in the process. What we needed was a fresher solution”.

Adampack had three priorities; The first was ease of use. They required a solution which took a far simpler and more modern approach compared to legacy applications on the market. Secondly, the solution needed to be stable and secure, with no suprises at the time of output. But the most important priority was the third. To reduce the costly time spent in the technical preparation of often complex vector files – trapping, editing, step and repeat and layout.

Prepress supplier Chroma Solutions, had recently signed an agreement to bring MaxPro, a new suite of applications designed with the Packaging industry in mind to the Greek market. “We were already using Star Proof for preparing our contract quality inkjet proofs since 2005 and were extremely happy with the quality of the dot and the fact that we had data integrity” Stratos recalls “When we heard that ISIGS, the developers of Star Proof had introduced a second range of products with the Packaging sector in mind, there was an immediate interest”. It was during a promotional tour at the beginning of 2008 that AdamPack, along with a number of other leading Prepress companies in Athens first became aware of MaxPro, but it was after visiting Drupa 2008 that AdamPack were convinced that it was time to simplify their pre-production process.

Simplifying technical tasks
Since they began working with the MaxPro suite in September 2008, Stratos feels the decison was the right one. The key factor is that the MaxPro RIP converts postscript or PDF files into a Raster format at the beginning of the process. “Previously we were carrying out technical tasks such as trapping and colour editing in a Vector environment which was complicated and process intense”. Now, with MaxPro, the complexity has been removed and the whole process is simplified. “Producing technical traps such as those necessary for the Rotogravure, Offset and Flexo printing processes is quick and easy. Even files with transparency effects can be trapped with minimum effort and due to the fact that we can see exactly how the final output will look, we can be sure there are no suprises at the time of output”.

Automating processes
MaxStep, the digital plate layout application also brings significant time savings due to the fact that it offers an automated CAD-based workflow, a manual layout facility and an auto step and repeat function to create stepped plate layouts – all as standard. As a number of jobs imac produced by AdamPack use the same die cut template with only the design changing, the whole process of creating the final layout is fast and efficient. Master templates can be used with the operator simply defining the new file location. MaxStep then creates a final PDF or Postscript file for imaging to plate with their existing RIP simply used to apply the calibration curve and screening. “Since we are already working with data integral Raster files in MaxPro, we no longer have a bottleneck while the RIP processes what were historically large files and we have the confidence from an early stage that the file will output correctly.” Stratos observes. The other benefit is that a Gravure Tiff export function is supplied as a standard feature in MaxStep, enabling the generation of final files for exposure to the Gravure cylinder.

A sound investment
Eight months after investing in the MaxPro suite, AdamPack has achieved its aim in simplifying it’s productivity whilst delivering time and cost savings. Using MaxPro has enabled the technical aspect of file preparation such as trapping, colour editing and re-mapping to be performed in a far more modern and efficient manner whilst MaxStep has provided the necessary tools to produce final layout files for plate or cylinder, quickly and efficiently. “We made the move from working within a complex vector environment to one where the process is faster and simpler – the benefits are clear” concludes Stratos.


The benefits to AdamPack:

Simplify processes: MaxPro simplifies complex processes.
Boost productivity: MaxStep’s automated layout tools increases productivity.
User friendliness: Easy to use interface – more operators using the applications.
Minimum wastage: No suprises at time of output to plate or cylinder
Improve stability: Dependable working environment

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