Drupa 2008 will see the worldwide debut of Max Pro®, a new suite of software applications dedicated to the Prepress sector of printing industry.

Max Pro® consists of three applications, all developed for the Macintosh operating system:

1) MaxPro RIP® – A bespoke postscript Level 3 Rip with features developed specifically for Max Pro, is capable of processing PDF 1.7, PDF/X-1a:2001, PDF/X-3:2002, PDF/X-3:2003, PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-4p. MaxPro RIP delivers more processing power and more flexibility to Pre Press departments, especially when dealing with transparency and layer effects.

2) Max Pro® – A professional Prepress system which allow users to easily edit files, apply individual zonal traps to both continuous tone (CT) and Linework (LW) elements, apply special effects to process and Spot colours and also create bespoke separations such as varnish plates. Users can also take advantage of powerful masking tools, unavailable in other software applications to efficiently and simply create press ready files.

3) Max Step® – A powerful application enabling the creation of step-and-repeat layouts for a wide variety of printing processes. With Max Step, users have the ability to interactively create bespoke step and repeat layouts, or use pre-defined electronic die cut guides to automatically generate layouts according to the requirements of the printer or converter. Max Step also delivers a full range of numbering, user generated or integral plate furniture options.

Graphic Republik will be demonstrating the MaxPro suite at the Drupa Innovation Parc, Hall 07, Stand 7.0.C.

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