Poznan trade show set to be the stage for live demonstrations of the MaxPro suite of Prepress applications.

Poligrafia 2009 will be the stage for live demonstrations of both MaxPro and the new Star Proof version 6 at the Eurintrade booth. MaxPro provides a suite of prepress tools developed to meet the needs of packaging professionals – Star Proof is industry renowned for producing the hardest, sharpest screened proofs from inkjet printers.

MaxPro – Meeting the challenges of the Packaging Industry
The MaxPro prepress suite incorporates tools which quickly and efficiently produce technically correct, final layout files. The latest version of MaxPro provides tools for trapping, colour conversion and editing, image retouchng and the creation of technical plates such as white base or varnish. MaxStep produces step and repeat, final layout files either interactively, automatically or via a unique CAD auto match function. The corresponding file can be exported to PDF, Postscript or Gravure Tiff formats for exposure to cylinder or plate.

Star Proof V6 and the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 – The perfect match
Matching special colors on a digital proof is challenging, mainly due to the color gamut limitations of inkjet printers and the capabilities of color management software. Now Epson Ultra-Chrome HDR™ Ink utilizes ten colors, including an all new orange and green which delivers the widest color gamut ever from an Epson Stylus Pro printer. Star Proof V6 takes advantage of this technology via the Multi Color Shade feature to match to any standard special color library, so delivering more than a 90% accuracy when compared to Pantone Solid Coated™ colors.

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About Eurintrade z.o.o

For over 10 years of its market activity Eurintrade has been focused on advanced technologies for printing, prepress and color management. Making advanced technology available and well supported is the mission which professionals can trust. Day by day, together with our customers, we can bring complex tasks to succesful implementations. The solid base of technology and knowledge asures the offerred solutions with stability, flexibility and productivity. The key response for growing quality demands depends on technology, which is close here – in Eurintrade.



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