Brand Imaging, the Manchester based agency who specialises in delivering International brand concepts to market, have invested in a Star Plate inkjet to film solution. In doing so, it has fulfilled the requirements of printers in emerging markets who rely on imagesetter quality films for production and quality control.

“One of our specialities lies in providing press ready files and plates which will produce optimum, consistent results for both brand and press owners, whichever the print process. We always look to marry each project with the correct Plate production – whether Digital, HD or conventional.” Said Alistair Borrett, Director.

“In the case of developing markets, there is a preference to have films supplied to allow for a range of plate making technologies and QC processes – we must provide the print vendors, however large or small with a tool kit they can use efficiently and safely. ”

Dean Gilmore, Production Director at Brand Imaging was charged with finding an inkjet to film solution which would address this preference.

“We had already researched other dry film solutions but without success” Dean explained “so when we visited Dantex Graphics for a demonstration on Star Plate, we knew exactly what we were looking for: Imagesetter quality text and tone, perfect registration and high density films.”

The visits resulted in the purchasing decision with Dean confirming that “After a couple of visits and real-job demonstrations had proven the systems capabilities, we are confident that Star Plate will compliment our other technologies – it ticks all the boxes.”

Star Plate is a digital imaging solution, designed for direct inkjet to film, with the ability to produce high quality halftone screening, fine lines and sharp text. It also incorporates award winning Flexo and Letterpress screening technology, Smart Screen, which allows users to produce high quality screened negatives, perfect for Flexo or Letterpress plate making. The resultant plates deliver visually superior tonal ranges on press, particularly in highlight areas.